Gentle, Effective Teeth Cleaning in Mount Prospect, THE

The importance of professional teeth cleaning can’t be underestimated. A professional cleaning, often called 歯科予防, 歯科医院で行われる歯と歯茎の徹底的なクリーニングです. Dental cleaning helps stop the progression of gingivitis and 歯周病, 2つの最も一般的な口腔衛生の問題.


定期的な歯科治療は歯垢と歯石を取り除きます, むし歯の予防に役立ちます, 歯肉炎, およびその他の潜在的な健康問題. Professional tooth cleaning is performed by 博士. Yajima or one of the dental hygienists at our office using a variety of dental instruments specially designed to clean the teeth and gums effectively. プロセスには3つのステップがあります: 歯のスケーリング, デブリードマン, と研磨.

超音波洗浄機がプラークと歯石を緩めて取り除きます, その後、歯の頑固な歯垢を取り除くために穏やかにこすります. 回転式歯ブラシは、ディープクリーニング用に設計された練り歯磨きを使用して歯を洗浄および研磨します. 次のステップは、デンタルフロスで逃した破片を取り除き、バクテリアが歯の間に残るのを防ぎます. 最終ステップは通常フッ化物処理です, エナメル質を強化します.

口腔の健康問題の兆候がないかチェックします, 虫歯, または、クリーニングプロセス全体で怪我をしたため、早期に発見され、迅速に治療されます. 問題を発見した場合, 問題を解決し、歯の健康を回復するために、できるだけ早く歯科医の予約を取ります。.

When Was Your Last Teeth Cleaning?

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Benefits of Regular Professional Teeth Cleaning

There are many benefits to having your teeth cleaned professionally, 含む:

  • Removes stains so you’ll have a brighter smile
  • Prevents gum disease that leads to tooth loss
  • Eliminates bad breath caused by trapped food particles and dental disease
  • Your dentist screens for oral cancer, which is highly treatable if caught early
  • Early detection of cavities, cracks, or other damage
  • Minimizes the risk of heart attack or stroke
  • Most dental insurance providers cover professional dental cleaning twice a year

Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene at Home

While a dental appointment for a professional teeth cleaning is an excellent step toward better oral health, at-home care is also crucial. Our tips for proper 口腔衛生 minimize the build-up of tartar and plaque and help prevent dental disease:

  • Brush your teeth and tongue using a soft-bristle toothbrush at least twice a day
  • Floss and rinse with mouthwash daily
  • Choose a fluoride toothpaste accepted by the American Dental Association
  • Replace your toothbrush every three months
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid acidic and sugary foods

Teeth Cleaning FAQ

How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned?

We recommend every six months if you have healthy teeth and gums. Every three months is a good idea if you suffer from periodontal disease. It’s easy to make a dentist appointment with us any time for a dental cleaning.

How much does teeth cleaning cost?

歯科保険に加入している場合, it will most likely cover you for two cleanings each year. This is one way to reduce the need for expensive treatments down the road. We take American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and Care Credit if you don’t have dental insurance. Please call our office to get a quote for professional teeth cleaning.

Will Professional Teeth Cleaning Hurt?

Dental cleaning isn’t painful if your teeth are in relatively good health, although you may feel some slight pressure when the dentist scrapes and polishes the teeth. If there is an excessive build-up of plaque or tartar, we may have to scrub harder or use dental instruments to clean along the gumline. This may cause a bit of tenderness, but it should be mild and subside within a day.

The sensitivity you feel depends on how well you care for your teeth in-between visits. If you brush and floss properly every day, a dental cleaning at our office will not be uncomfortable, and you will leave with teeth that look and feel smooth and polished.

Can I eat after professional teeth cleaning?

はい, you can eat and drink after having your teeth cleaned, although you should wait about 30 minutes if you have had a fluoride treatment. This gives the fluoride time to be fully absorbed by your teeth. If your teeth are sensitive after cleaning, avoid highly acidic, crunchy, and hard foods that could irritate the teeth and gums until the next day.

Protect Your Oral Health With A Teeth Cleaning

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