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Tooth Implant

You’ve got a missing tooth, and it’s affecting many aspects of your life. Looking for the most natural tooth replacement method possible, for a procedure that will give you a new tooth that looks and functions like the others?

Dental implants have revolutionized the way we treat missing teeth.

Implant Teeth

Today, an implant tooth is standard care for the replacement of missing teeth. We place the implant (a titanium screw) in your jaw, and it acts as a root for the new artificial tooth. With a success rate of up to 98%, this trusted and proven treatment continues to remain the preferred tooth replacement method while continually making advancements.

Dental implant placement is a routine procedure that poses very few risks. The chance of minimal side effects, such as infection, injury to adjacent teeth, etc., is very low.

Dental Implant Surgery Mount Prospect

A natural tooth consists of a root and a crown. If you compare natural teeth with implant-supported replacement teeth, they have the same basic parts. Both have a crown (the visible part used to chew food). Both have a root that holds the tooth securely under the gum and is anchored into the jaw. The difference is that the implant is made of titanium—the same time-tested material used by surgeons for artificial joints.

When you lose a tooth, you lose both the root and the crown. To replace the tooth, we first replace the root with a small dental implant.

And when it comes to dental implants, timing is everything.  Did you know your jawbone is a lot like a muscle and must be stimulated regularly to maintain its volume? So, when a tooth is extracted (or falls out naturally), the jawbone begins to deteriorate almost immediately. In fact, studies show that within a year of tooth loss, there is a large decrease in bone width.

Thankfully, dental implants can take the place of natural teeth to provide the stimulus needed by the jaw. If done early, the need for bone grafting is greatly reduced.

Dental Implant Options

Deterioration of a person’s appearance and health is the natural result of missing teeth. The supporting jawbone structure shrinks once tooth loss has occurred. That’s why it’s crucial to place implants immediately after a tooth has been lost or extracted—before bone replacement becomes most complex. Once an implant has been placed, it acts as a natural tooth, preserving bone structure, oral health, and your appearance.

To avoid the negative outcomes that can result from tooth loss, it’s crucial to consider your tooth replacement options carefully and take action quickly.

Dental Implants: The Process


We begin by gathering your medical and dental histories and any necessary imaging of your jaw. Next, we discuss your treatment options with you and form a plan that ensures that the procedure you choose aligns with your oral health goals.


If you have not lost your tooth, we perform an extraction on the tooth in question. Occasionally, we place the implant at the same time of extraction.

Bone Grafting

If your jawbone has deteriorated since you lost your tooth, we perform a bone graft to bulk up the target area. Typically, several months of healing is needed after bone grafting has been completed before we can place an implant.

Dental Implant Surgery

During the implant placement procedure, we insert a titanium screw into your jawbone. You will be under anesthesia during the surgery to ensure you are comfortable.


After placement has been completed, we cover the implant with the surrounding soft tissue and let it sit for approximate 3-6 months to integrate with the jawbone.

Final Restoration

Once the implant and bone are fully fused, we place an abutment on the implant which connects with the crown. Your general dentist places the final restoration

Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of dental implants depends on the details of your unique case. It’s best to come in for a consultation where we can give you an accurate estimate of what the cost will be. Most dental insurance companies do not cover dental implants, but we are committed to restoring smiles, so we help our patients understand their benefits and alternative treatment options.

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