3-D Dentures

dentures side by side3-D dentures are here to change the way the world views dentures. The traditional denture process requires multiple appointments for molds, extractions, fittings, and adjustments. Traditional molding methods often times will result in small discrepancies that cause the dentures to be uncomfortable. Also, when traditional dentures break or get lost, the entire process must start from the beginning costing you money and time that, thanks to new technology, is not necessary to be spent on another denture fitting process.

3-D denture scans are made with dental CAD software which allows the dentures to be more precise and better fitting because of the detail this software is capable of capturing. Due to these scans being digital, they are stored in a database so that when dentures are broken or lost, a new set can be ordered and printing without having to come back into the office for additional scans and fittings. The process of fitting clients with 3-D dentures only requires 2 appointments of 30 minutes or less, resulting in less time that the patient will have few teeth, no teeth, or temporary dentures. They are made in two separate parts, the base, and the teeth, and created with a resin that is 8x harder than the material traditional dentures are made out of. These 3-D dentures last longer, are more hard-wearing, more stain-resistant, and a lot more comfortable than the material that traditional dentures are made out of. This modern resin is less porous also which reduces the possibility of bacteria build-up. As this technology becomes more popular, labs that print the dentures are beginning to offer customized coloring for gums and teeth.

At our lab, Golden Ceramic Dental Lab, all processes and materials used are FDA approved. Their technician experience combined with their competitive pricing allows us to deliver you a final product that we will all be happy with.
Dentures positioned like a jaw on top of each other

3-D Dentures Benefits

  • Fewer appointments required
  • Longer lasting
  • Stain resistant
  • More precise
  • More comfortable
  • Reduced bacteria build up

3-D Denture Features

  • 8x harder material than traditional dentures
  • Less porous to reduce bacteria build up
  • Customizable color options for teeth and gums
  • Scans stored in database for easy reprints if necessary

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